Almoço Contra o Trabalho

‘Lunch Against Work / Almoço Contra o Trabalho’ is underway at Instituto Procomum LABxS, Santos Brazil over November 2018. This artistic-research project is organized around a series of collectively prepared plant-based meals and conversations in order to socialize, politicize and aestheticize rituals of cooking and eating. It proposes to investigate plant knowledges, anticolonial histories and multispecies politics via encounters with local growers, urban gardeners, community infrastructures and exchange networks. It seeks to develop narratives, ethics and habits that are proper to an era of food crises, extinctions and intensifying inequality and authoritarianism.

In Santos I have been very fortunate to begin collaborating with the inspired and inventive Diego Andrade.


Cooking and sharing a meal with the LABxS community is a means to share knowledge and develop friendships whilst learning about local ecologies, histories, cultures and communities. By mapping local social, cultural and ecological capital one can learn what is valued and unique about a city or neighbourhood, and how their concerns, resources and desires connect with like-minded projects around the world.

Feast your eyes on Instagram #almoçocontraotrabalho #procomum.

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